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Christmas & New Year in Normandy

Christmas & New Year at Le Mesnil Gonfroy and La Germainiere. All the local villages and towns are decorated from early December and the Christmas markets are in full swing offering wonderful selection of gifts to suit everyone. We always [...]

The Abbey and Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel

Mont St Michel The impressive granite tidal island of Mont Saint-Michel rises to a height of 300ft and is surmounted by the Great Church of St Michel. This Catholic Abbey is run by the monks of the Monastic [...]

April 20th, 2016|Normandy Holiday Info, Sights & Activities|

Visit Coutances

Coutances is a beautiful city with narrow, winding medieval streets and courtyards mixed with impressive 18th century town houses. The town is dominated by the thousand year old Norman cathedral of “Our Lady” with its two 80 metre high towers, Gothic [...]

The Gavray Calf Market

Excitement is always high on Wednesday mornings from children and adults alike.....its the day of the Gavray calf market! This is the day that farmers from all around bring their calves to be sold at the local market. If you [...]

Wildlife of Normandy

Spring April is such a special time in Normandy and this year was no exception. The weather was beautiful and the primroses were everywhere on the roadside banks with the early orchids and violets and Greater Stitchwort just coming into flower. [...]

Our Corner of Normandy

We are very passionate about this very unspoilt corner of France and its traditions and culture. We discovered it about twenty years ago and now visit several times each year to soak up its different pace of life. Somehow, time [...]

Depot Vente (bric a brac and furniture)

If you want a mounted head of a wild boar (who doesn't?), an antique wooden settle, an old oil lamp, a Victorian necklace, a bike or just six chairs, then here is the place to come. We love the truly [...]

Walking in Normandy

Walking boots are a must here! This area of Normandy is zigzagged with Medieval cattle and sheep droves, which now form a network of paths which allow us to explore rural Normandy. Walks can vary between 2 and 20km or [...]

Vide Greniers and Local Markets

Vide Greniers (translated as "empty your attic") are much more than an English car boot sale. The whole village closes its streets and there are dozens, sometimes hundreds, of stalls selling bric a brac, clothes and food. It is a whole [...]

Pêche À Pied

Collecting Shellfish at Low Tide Come and join the locals hunting for shell fish, crabs and flatfish at low tide - a great and popular Normandy pastime. Why not go to the Centre Nature at St Martin de Brehal to learn [...]

July 1st, 2010|Normandy Holiday Info, Sights & Activities|
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