Tastes of Normandy

/Tastes of Normandy

Local Normandy specialities, places to eat and drink near the farmhouse(s)

Normandy Cider, Pommeau and Calvados

For a true taste of Normandy, you may like to try some of the alcoholic drinks created from over 200 varieties of apples, grown in every farm in the region. Not only can you often watch the apples being sorted, [...]

March 20th, 2016|Normandy Holiday Info, Tastes of Normandy|

The Gavray Calf Market

Excitement is always high on Wednesday mornings from children and adults alike.....its the day of the Gavray calf market! This is the day that farmers from all around bring their calves to be sold at the local market. If you [...]

Our Corner of Normandy

We are very passionate about this very unspoilt corner of France and its traditions and culture. We discovered it about twenty years ago and now visit several times each year to soak up its different pace of life. Somehow, time [...]

Vide Greniers and Local Markets

Vide Greniers (translated as "empty your attic") are much more than an English car boot sale. The whole village closes its streets and there are dozens, sometimes hundreds, of stalls selling bric a brac, clothes and food. It is a whole [...]

Seafood of Normandy

We love it and if you do you’re in for a real treat! With the largest mussel beds in Europe, acres of oysters, crabs, palourdes and praires (clams), boulots (whelks), bigorneaux (winkles), ormeaux (ormers) huge prawns and shrimps, this is [...]

March 10th, 2011|Normandy Holiday Info, Tastes of Normandy|
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